You could very well be growing your own “Kakaw”

Yabisi Kakaw is an agroforestry system based cacao farm/nursery in Puerto Rico. It is possible to produce a hi quality chocolate using agro-ecological resources.

Yabisi Kakaw is working, there in Corozal, on that project. We can take you there so you do live the unique agro experience.
GPS: 18°17’33.4”N 66°21’59.6″W

Taller Introductorio Marzo

Próximo taller introductorio este próximo domingo 19 de marzo. #cacao #agroforestry #PuertoRico

Posted by Yabisi Kakaw on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Now, here’s a video to advance your knowledge on “Kakaw”

And get to know CNN journalist, from Corozal, Leyla Santiago…