WalterSites Story

How we got here to serve you…

A tourism Liaison enterprise.

We started, and still do it, by teach people how to monetize their talents by creating solutions and providing choices to a niche.
One way we do just that is through technologies and services which facilitate creation by connecting people across the world. .

We kept growing communities businesses based on local talents. People flow toward their services and then tourists got the tips on where to get real unique experiences. We were call to help with the flow.

There are ways to engage and create and those ways come up to fruition when we get together to listen and understand.

Hi, Walter Rivera-Santos here!

What goes into delivering your wants comes along a good listening. Just tells us your story, we got time to listen and understand.

Our main creation is film for businesses. The commotion about making the movie brings customers your way. That effect delivers a punch for which you must be ready.

Once ready to serve new customers, we strive to tell the world.

We strive for all around quality, attractiveness and functional businesses. It will be the focus of the film to promote the heck of your site.

We create helpful, industry-specific content that: 1) gives clients a useful takeaway, and 2) shows you’re an industry expert.

Use your company to serve your community by showing how your products and services can help people, your people. We film that experience, it is part of your story, your movie.

Your business life movie is pasted on the web channels using two important high tech cutting edge platforms; ENV2 and MLSP. Those cutting edge marketing platforms are highly authoritative, pushing upwards of millions links worldwide. Pinterest, Yelp, Facebook, YouTube, Tweeter, flickr, Vine… to mention a few, are automatically updated and your message gets out to the world fast. Got the point?

Your business life, events, offers and plain light communication is now available to be use freely keeping all potential customers connected., LLC is dedicated to build this Customer-Owner business relationship. Get more at