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WalterSites discover the hidden Jewels Puerto Rico has to offer… now available for you, the tourist!

Puerto Rico events and tours coordination by Walter Rivera Santos (
Horseback rides, Kayaking, SCUBA Diving, Snorkelling, Aerostatic Globe Rides, Skydiving, Standing Board, FlyBoarding, Hiking, Zip Lining, Pain Ball Gaim. Cultural Tours, Cultural Immersion… 855-464-8434

For Local Businesses

WalterSites brings tourists to your tourism business in Puerto Rico.

Here’s the process;

  1. We audio record your business story
  2. We follow by a video production
  3. A tourism offer package is prepared
  4. Worldwide presentation of your business services
  5. You can call 855-464-8434 to make it happen for you too

Enjoy your life! It is time to start!

Here in Tamarindo beach, Guánica and Guayanilla. To get there, drive toward Caña Gorda beach and follow the road to the end long after Copamarina hotel.